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This picture is a pretty good interpretation of  some of the more difficult of times that I have occurred in the last 8 years.  Although it is pretty cute and I can appreciate the hilarity in it now, I still remember that that was a very long car drive home.  Not so much in length but in the amount of control it took to not go uterly crazy.  My oldest (the little 5 year old in the middle) is now 10 years old, soon to be 11.  And my fraternal twins (girl with the star blue blanket and boy with the red t-shirt on) had just turned 2 in this picture and will be 8 in a few months.

I’m know as Patty Quick, Patty Kraskoff, Sazon’s mom, the twins mom, Trinity’s mom, Dominic’s mom, Mrs. Quick, Brent’s wife or just plain Patty.  Praskovia Kraskoff is my birth name and what is on all my legal documentation.  Quick is my husbands last name and my kiddo’s last name.  When you look up the above tongue twister of my actual legal name it will come up with the alias of Patty Quick.  I had a potential employer ask me who Patty Quick was before I was even married because it came up under my background check.  Not going to lie, it makes me feel a little like a spy knowing that I have a legitimate alias.

I’ve thought about changing my name, but I was Praskovia Kraskoff for 31 years before I got married and really didn’t feel like my nuptials where enough to make me change my name.  It’s Russian by the way and, yes, I speak it fairly well and ,yes, I can read it but it will take me way longer than having someone download a translater and going about it that way.  I came up with Quick, To Be for my blog name because I still feel that I will change my name at some point so this is a reference to me.

Being a stay at home wife and mother was not what I aspired to be.  I never wanted that for myself nor did I ever think that I would love it as much as I have for the last several years.   I say the last several years because the first couple where a transition period and pretty difficult especially since I was sleep deprived and crazed with the addition of the twins.  Going from being responsible for one little human to 3 is an unnatural progression.  Only the strong survive.  I was told that a lot.  Quit honestly I just adapted and got into “do mode.”  I did what was required to keep my little’s happy and healthy.  I think that I’ve accomplished that, and will be continuing to do so for many years to come.  That is why I’m here, to switch the focus onto myself once again.  I think I’ve earned it.   That and the fact that I have an amazingly supportive husband.


While bing a stay at home mom I developed Miners disease and have lost more than half of my hearing in my right ear.  The loss of hearing is accompanied with a rather annoying constant ringing.  There are also a laundry list of other effects that go along with inner ear damage.  I’ve always been a person who enjoys to exercise and remain physically fit.  I took several years off to have kids.  I returned to it because I needed an outlet from being home all day with littles.  I needed to talk and spend time with adults, make goals and achieve them.  I found that my passion for fitness is what kept me sane during that time and to this day still.  Not only does it make me a happier mommy and wife but it is my outlet to push my body in ways when I really have felt that it was failing me through the Miners.  I force myself to do yoga to sit in silence with my ringing so that I feel acceptance of it instead of resentment.


This is the second time in 15 years, or so, that I am a student at Lane.  I put myself on hold for a while, shelved my aspirations and career goals.  I’m taking them down from the shelf, dusty and a little cobwebbed but still in tact and strong, to see what it is that I can now become.  Hopefully it will be as unexpected and rewarding to me as falling in love with being a stay at home wife and mom and then some.

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