Final Project: Schlumb

For my final Intro to Media Arts project I created a teaser trailer for a 70’s crime thriller/cyberpunk movie called “Schlumb.” When I was younger, my friends and I would often make amateur films with camcorders. They were understandably awful, but making them was great fun. One of these “movies” was short film called Schlumb, which was essentially nothing but shots of the actors walking around with internal monologue voiceover on top of it. I guess this was meant to resemble a detective or film noir sort

of thing. For this project, I thought it might be fun to revive this old idea and recreate it with slightly better production value.

The footage is mostly shot by me on my Sony A7 mark ii. This was my first time doing a more substantial video project with this camera, so I got to go through the process of setting it up for video. When properly adjusted, the footage from the camera looks very nice, especially after some minor color correction with Lumetri Color. I also shot the same footage at both 24 frames per second and 60 frames per second, so I could compare them side by side, and I could definitely see the difference. The stuff shot at 24fps had a smoother cinematic look, and allowed me to get usable footage shooting handheld, which is something I’m not very good at doing normally. I could see how shooting at 60fps could be useful for slow-motion shots, because I would have a lot of extra frames to work with.

I created the neon titles in Adobe After Effects using the free “Color Vibrance” and “Saber” plugins from VideoCopilot, and used keyframes for all the animated elements. I shot everything myself except for the two city shots, which are both from royalty free stock footage. My friend Nick DeAngelo was kind enough to star in the role of Schlumb, and because of his media arts background, he was able to give me needed technical advice.

3 thoughts on “Final Project: Schlumb

  1. kevin kleppe

    Interesting work Athen. I am too new to the video creation world. The only software I have any working knowledge of right now is Digital Performer, ProTools, and now a little bit about Adobe Premiere. I’ve had fun with what I’ve done so far.


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