W18-P6 Final Project: “My Artistic Journey” By: Anthony Worstell

For this Final Project, I wanted to try and do something different than making comedy films that I am used to. Instead, I tried to make the project about my “artistic journey”. It was something I thought was a good idea in the beginning, but to actually make this project was trickier. The reason being is that I had to move around, find my old art I have done in the past, visit my old high school and ask my old Multimedia Arts teacher if I could borrow my old films, and look for good projects I can use as an example for my film. Doing the project was fun to me.

I enjoyed reflecting on my old art and being proud of how much I have improved. I know that art is something I really love, and I knew one day my hobby of drawings would take me to a job that I will enjoy expressing my artistic talents in the future. I worked day and night on this project because I wanted this final assignment to be the best thing I can make it be. Doing the audio was not so complicated, but editing the film was the most difficult to me. When I edited the film, I saw some errors I needed to fix before turning the assignment in.

However, I have turned in my assignment on time and I am proud of my final project. This project made me think about my past, and about how it will lead me to a future I designed it to be when I started exploring different types of art forms such as films and photography. In the end, I will be continuing my artistic life and never stop learning different techniques. Art is a part of my life that can never go away, or be forgotten.


3 thoughts on “W18-P6 Final Project: “My Artistic Journey” By: Anthony Worstell

  1. kevin kleppe

    ANTHONY–The best part of your video clip to me was your mind-set Never stop what you love doing. Reflect on what you’ve done and improve what you do.
    P.S. Some art work. ? increase the viewing window of what we get to see. Nice.


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