W18-X4 Info Interview/ Professional Practices

Today on the 28th of February, I have had the honor of meeting with one of my college’s animation teacher, Corral Breeding. Breeding and I first introduced ourselves and shook hands. At first, I was nervous to even ask him my questions. I reminded him about the assignment and that I am also required to write a blog about our discussions. Breeding was very understanding and very polite.

I asked him if it was okay that I record our discussion on my phone so can review and re-listen to the recording. Breeding allowed me to record. Once I started recording, I began to ask him my questions.

“What made you decide to study animation?” I asked.

“I started the 2D drawing, just as a hobby of mine,” Breeding said. “Then, I was later brought into it…”

He then explained that people told him that he would be great at CGI work and not just 2D. Later in his life, Breeding got his degree in animation, and started as a freelancer for almost to years. He also started to do contract work for college. Breeding then explained to me that Lane’s animation teacher asked him if Breeding would like to be a teacher because the animation teacher was retiring. His response to the first question was interesting and made me understand his passion and also his inspirations to become an animator. I then asked him my second question after he was done speaking.

“What did you enjoy about animation?”

“What I do like about animation is bringing things to life.”

As he answered the question, I began to reflect on my interests about animation. I see a lot of similarities between me and Breeding’s. I also like to see animations come to life. It is like seeing a picture come to life, or you are entering a different world. I have always enjoyed animation because it is a fascinating process to me. Knowing that I am not the only person who likes animations coming to life.

I asked him if he did some projects as he studied animations and which ones he enjoyed. He told me that he did a commercial animation he like and said, “it was a lot of fun”. My final question was a little silly. But I asked him what was his favorite animated film, if he had any.

“The stuff I liked for animation was more CGI. I liked: The Matrix, Transformers, all the stuff that were industrial/magic…”

I was very honored to have met Corral Breeding, and I am honored to have asked him a little bit of his passion for animation and teaching animation to college students. But after we talked, he had some questions about my interests in animation. I told Breeding about what I am interested in the animation program. After our interview, we shook hands and I thanked him for taking the time for answering my questions for this assignment. I enjoyed doing this assignment, and this is something I will not forget.

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By: Anthony Worstell


5 thoughts on “W18-X4 Info Interview/ Professional Practices

  1. kevin kleppe

    Anthony–I liked your approach to this posting. It was honest and had the good elements of your instructor Corral Breeding as well as what your feelings are. We have so many acronyms these days I like to do a little lookup on some of the meanings.
    noun . computer-generated imagery (special visual effects created using computer software).
    “fewer real stunts are performed because filmmakers can just use CGI.
    I like it when a posting has the actual name along with the acronym, at least initially. It helps anyone unfamiliar with it.
    It was nice that you wrote about asking permission to record. I did my posting with memory recall and some hand written notes.

  2. Emmett Crass

    Hey Anthony,
    Sick job on your blog post and Informational Interview! I especially like how you wrote out the interview experience like a story (your writing style is really interesting and great) and the picture you chose is really creative.


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