Kevin’s IMA W-18 X4 Assignment

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W18-X4 Professional Practice  

By: Kevin Kleppe | Introduction to Media W18-X4 |


National Geographic Photographer gives a Free and Open to the Public talk about her work as a freelance photographer, photo editor, and educator.


Media Artist Success Story

Krista Rossow is a Eugene based former Lane Community College Student


 February 9, 2018  Studio A (room 218) Building 18 1200 to 1300 hours

Krista came to Lane Community College on February 9th of this year. The studio room saw a fairly large attendance that day. The atmosphere in the room was inviting and quite comfortable.

Jeff Goolsby, a Media Arts Department Coordinator initially addressed us. He spoke of the very remodel. He quickly pointed out that we had a special guest with us.  Rick Williams, he was a former Dean of the Division of the Arts at Lane Community College. Jeff wholeheartedly thanked Rick for his previous help keeping the plans for this remodel in the works. Jeff then introduced:

Camilla Dussinger, a Media Arts Instructor here at Lane Community College. She said It was her privilege to introduce Krista Rossow to us. She related a story of having received a call from Krista in the middle of the night some time ago. Krista had called to let her know she had been hired by the National Geographic Magazine.  Camilla easily shared her delight hearing Krista’s good news. She then went on to say Krista was a former LCC student. It was Krista’s good fortune that afforded her bragging rights. She had been one of Krista’s instructors!

             Krista shares some of her work.

Krista easily started in by presenting a slideshow of some of her work.

I have to admit it very challenging to keep primary focus on what Krista was saying as her beautiful handiwork said so much. At this point I feel compelled to interject and old English (“idiom”, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.) It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image or that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than its verbal description.  

For more on IDIOM Follow URL

Although I run the risk of  saying too much, I’ll share some of her 1000+ word pictures, I MUST.  After this seminar, I spent a long time pouring over Krista’s work on the web. Somehow it captured me. As I looked at some I wanted more. The more I looked the more I wanted to see. It wouldn’t let me call it quits. I saw incredible colors and rainbows like this one:


Her technical skills and her eye for storytelling can’t be denied:

image004    image006

Her work thrilled and excited me. I spent more time looking at her work than I care to admit.

image010 .   image012 .   image014.jpg

She freely gave us some tricks of her trade.

She advises: If you’re using a wide-angle lens, try to get the environment in the shot to help tell the story about where and how they live.

Italy / Campania

 There were outstanding wide shots of large complexes like Autzem Stadium here in Eugene:              image015

The detail is high definition and the vantage point she used for display is nothing more than Brilliant.

These next two pictures were pure happen-stance:

image017  image019

The picture left above became a more charming scene as a young fawn made an appearance. The picture to the right was a lucky gift.

She told us her crew was on assignment specifically to take some snapshots of hippos. Most of the day denied her any in her sights. Low and behold,  late in the day she turned around and captured these two hippos. You couldn’t get this stuff even if you had planned it.

Her specialty is travel photography. She has more than seven years experience as  photo editor for National Geographic Traveler Magazine located in Washington D.C.. And is currently photo editing her first book for National Geographic. The work she does has helped picture story-telling for world-class photographers. She pointed out that her name is on the National Geographic Traveler Magazine Masthead.

Krista shares an important concept in Professional Practice

 When it comes to photographing people it is important to get close and make eye contact. She admitted needing to overcome her reluctance to meet and greet the person and/or people she would photograph. It took her much internal fortitude to step out of her comfort zone. That comfort zone had been keeping her at a distance. Many photographers rely on their zoom lens too much, so there’s a sense of distance from the subject.   She kept at it and happily admits although it was initially very hard, she became a better professional by eliminating this obstacle. This is a particular triumph she is quite proud of. As I listened to her, it felt like a personal matter, a barrier to success. Resolving the sense of distance by working up close and personal gave her a better sense of herself. This interpersonal skill gives rise to a greater height in her professional practice.

A question was asked of her regarding importance of “model release”. I believe its chief purpose is to allow her to have some ownership of the work she does for the magazine. I believe this allows her the ability to use them outside of employment publication.

For more information on Model Release Go to:

Krista’s Advice for the Aspiring Artist:

  • Be able to show what you can do. Have tangible proof of your work.
  • Get as much “real life” exposure as possible.
  • Do an internship if at all possible.
  • Do anything you can to work with as many professionals as humanly possible.

The gathering was invited to go to a more private room for the opportunity for students to show Krista some of their work.


Kevin Kleppe Reporting

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