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                  The professional Practice

I was fortunat to not only talk with a professional but  I was able to have a work shop with professional pop up book artist in my artist pop up book class. Colette Fu in one of twenty-five in the world that create these books. As visitor to our class, she shared her story how she traveled the world. She lived with different tribes learning their cultures, ceremonies. She uses pictures of the people doing their everyday routine, and their lives inspire her books. The pictures below are of one of her books. She explained to us that this book was inspired by courting ritual.


(Book is created by, Colette Fu)

Colette shared some of her other books, I felt like a kid in a candy store watching the beauty of her books come a live as they raised and stood in majesty towers of cut paper and folds

When she was done sharing her beautiful books she set up the class to start the work shop. The technical name she called the folds and cuts was Kirgami, this means ” An art form where paper is cut and folded to create beauty.” The first fold she taught was a common fold to build a foundation to add pop ups on top of pop ups. Watching her do the fold was like watching a magician doing magic.

Colette was an amazing instructor and very patient with us. I was setting at the table she was working at and she helped me to insure that I did the right cut and fold. The techniques I learned will help me to create my book for the class. When we all finished with that cut and fold she gave us all a print to cut out . The print was marked where to fold and what one to fold first. We was getting to make a pop up card. When it was done there is a flower that spins as it pops up when you open the card. She showed us this pop up .

Colette Fu-5
(Colette Fu , flower pop up book)

We was about to created a card that would have one of the spinning flowers. While the class was busy cutting and getting ready to create the pop up card flower, she went around to each table helping everyone and answering questions. The questions that was asked was about her favorite type paper size, scissors, glue, printer and ink. Her favorite paper size 110, scissors are cutter bee, and printer and ink are 65-100 ebson 130. What is her biggest book she has ever made and how did it take to make it? Colette said she had just finished a 21 foot pop up in Philadelphia it took 2 weeks to complete and she finished a few days before she was to be here. It was tall enough for  her to climb inside.

I am a not good with scissors but I managed to cut the print of the flower out and make the folds in the right way. Much to my surprise me card turned out great.

flower card
(created by, Roxanne Wagnon)

When we was all done Collette offered the class and other print for us to do on our own and it is a cut out of a dog.

dog cut out

I really enjoyed the work shop and the magic that Colette Fu brought to the class. It was a privilege to be able to work such an incredible talent as Collette. You can click the link below and watch the magic and beauty come alive as the power of the pop up fills your eyes with such wonder. Colette also has displays in the glass case on the 2nd of  Center building  right by the tutor room.
See Video of Colette book opening
I hope all who read this will take the time to view the beauty of the, Pop Up Artist Books, By Colette Fu.

Thanks for reading.
(Written by, Roxanne Wagnon)



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  1. Emmett Crass

    Hello Roxanne,
    Really interesting choice of interview subject! Especially since you want to go into making children’s books. I really like the pop up book you made too.


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