Five Small Objects

I chose to do five objects in five different colors shot in five different angles. So I decided to use five thumb tacks for my first five shots. Then I used five different colored candy’s for my second shots. and then for the last shots I chose five different colored dice with the five dots on the dice showing. The tough part of this project was trying to get good enough angles and making sure they weren’t to blurry. I did my best to try and get good enough close up shots of everything and trying to get everything to fit in the frame. The lighting was a challenge as well but I think it turned out okay. The editing part was fun and not hard. I had done some editing before in high school so I new my way around the editing program. The song is from NCS  No Copyright Sounds and I found them on YouTube. I really enjoyed this project and hope to do more in the future since this stuff is mainly what I like to do. The stuff I usually like to do video editing on are gaming videos like montages and stuff which I might post on YouTube sometimes.

by: Isaac

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