Adam Grosowsky

Adam Grosowsky

Many of you may know Adam Grosowsky. Adam has been a teacher at LCC for twenty five years instructing various art classes. Today (February 15th), he put his skills on display in Lane’s art gallery (located in Building 11) as well as a few quick-worded anecdotes on the pieces he had slides of. It was incredibly interesting to watch him flip through his art on a piece of technology I hadn’t really seen in action before. Some of the pieces were more than 25 years old and he still had slides of them. While that part of his presentation was old-fashioned, you could say it’s part of his art, and it was clear he uses his methods because they work. If you’re fast enough to keep up with Adam’s pace, you’ll hear some great stories very representative of his early ‘starving-artist’ days.

“…I had a GMC van I retrofitted for windsurfing.”

I was lucky enough to attend this event through another class, if it wasn’t an assignment I wouldn’t have gone as it was during class time. His art though, will be on display through March 22nd, and I highly recommend everyone go take a look while it’s up. If you miss it though, just go say hi to Adam! Or better yet, take one of his classes maybe. The information on his exhibit can be found on the Lane website here while it’s up.

His tale began with his job at the Xenon(Zenon?) where he was a waiter for eleven years or as he put it, “A long time.” After struggling to put his art out in the world as all do, he eventually got his art in a gallery or two and it was all up from there. Through his galleries he made numerous beneficial connections in the art community and sold over 1,600 oil paintings. Some of those connections were present in the gallery for the event. He became very succesful as an artist, or as his mom put it, a “…wall decorator for the rich.” The audience enjoyed that piece.

Somehow he left out his wonderful education background (or I might’ve missed that part in my scramble to take notes as fast as his words passed out of my short term memory); Adam Grosowsky got his BA from Evergreen State College and his MA and MFA in Printmaking from University of Iowa, all in the 80’s no-less.

Adam is a cheerful, funny guy. There was never a dull moment in his speech. After he got through a bit of the Waiting and Commissioning stories (ninety seven total, wow!), we were told about how he came to be at Lane. Apparently, he was notified of the opening via newspaper (I told you he was old fashioned). Well, his girlfriend Suzy informed him, but she learned through the paper. As a successful competitive artist with years of experience and a can-do attitude, Adam got the job and has been here ever since.


4 thoughts on “Adam Grosowsky

  1. kevin kleppe

    Emma-=Thank you for telling Adam Grosowsky’s Story. I had never heard of him before. It’s funny to think back to the Analog Days (you know, the Old Fashioned Ones) and the Now-a-Days, (Digital). Analog or Digital or a combination of both if it works then a compliment is in order. You posting worked, My Compliments.
    P.S. Keep on keeping’ on.

  2. Anthony Worstell

    Awesome! I tried to attend an actual event for this assignment, but could not make it due to my job.


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