“Let’s Learn About Web Design!” by Emmett Crass


In my interview I chose to go ask Mr. Thomas Burton some questions about his career in Web Design. I chose him because after he came to talk to our class I realized I still had a lot more questions for him as his class presentation had piqued my interest in Web Design as a way to makMrBurton-e a living. During our conversation I learned that freelancing with Web Design can be like freelancing with any other field of Multimedia as sometimes are better than others and you need to learn to be smart with budgeting. Web Design is a mixture of animation, graphic design, photography, and web graphics/production. Mr. Burton told me that there is normally enough work to go around in the Web Design field which helps with finding jobs and building a good client base is also extremely important. I also learned something very interesting throughout our interview which is that even Web Design can be effected by the seasons and times of the year. If you are working for a retailer than you might have to work more so during the holidays to help display all of the sales and holiday specials. On the flip side you could also not be busy as your clients might be busy celebrating their own respective holidays.



Here is an excerpt from the interview:

““Why did you decide to go into Web Design?” – Emmett
“Let’s see, I was studying Graphic Design here at L.C.C. and I was introduced to the web and I found that it had the perfect combination of my interests in graphic design, computer graphics, and a little bit of animation and it was an interesting new field and I think I was also kind of drawn to the challenge of doing something different.” – Mr. Burton

“How long have you been working in Web Design?” – Emmett

“A little over twenty one years.” – Mr. Burton

“That has many years. Have you ever gotten bored with the it?” – Emmett

“I’ve had cycles where I’ve kind of started to feel a little burned out. But usually found that some point something came along whether it was an interesting project or some new technological capabilities that that reinvigorated my interest.” – Mr. Burton

“Has it been stable work or is it like “We’ll see how it goes?”” – Emmett

“It’s been pretty stable. At the beginning it was kind of, my former business partner and I were just kind of seeing if we could make a living doing it because we weren’t sure we’d be able to find enough people who needed it and very quickly website became something that any business needed so once I built up a good client base it’s provided pretty steady work and there’s a natural kind of cycle to, you know, busy times of the here and less busy times of the year but if I have enough clients with steady work then it usually works out pretty well for the whole year round.” – Mr. Burton

“Is it like throughout the years or like more busy times or is it just like, is Christmas a high time for you?” – Emmett

“Yeah, like holiday times can be. Back when I had a few on my retail sites that I was managing there was oftentimes things that they needed in preparation for seasonal sales and specials and things like that. What I found is summer is usually pretty slow here and fall, it kind of starts to pick up. Around the end of the year things slow down again because people are busy with holidays and things like that. But usually about the first half of the year is pretty busy and things drop off a little bit during summer.” – Mr. Burton

“What do you do during summer when there’s no work?” – Emmett

“I usually have some work to carry me through or you know when I know the summer is coming up, I might see if there’s, you know, usually there’s some kind of project that comes in. But that’s kind of something that I haven’t had to worry about too much until recently and so kind of re-strategizing.” – Mr. Burton

“That is fair. Because I’ve noticed with a lot of freelancing they’re usually “Well sometimes it’s really good, sometimes you know, you starve for a few weeks but it’s okay.” I wasn’t sure if like Web Design was the same way.” – Emmett

“It can be. I mean it depends on how you do it. You know, I mean if if I were working at a larger business, you know, like a web agency that had somebody involved with sales who was constantly bringing it work and keeping that flow going it would probably be a different kind of a situation. Just say I’m doing it on my own and I’m responsible for all aspects then it can be more of that freelancer kind of ebb and flow.” – Mr. Burton

“Why did you choose freelancing over going into like a company?” – Emmett

“It’s a good question. In the beginning, I always had it in my head that I wanted to have my own studio, my own business. Didn’t really have a real concrete reason for that. A lot of it had to do with I kind of wanted to deal with things my own way; I didn’t want to have to answer to anybody else. I want to I felt kind of like that was attached to the creative freedom and being able to engage in my work in the way that I wanted to. And that it’s continued to be something that’s a strong part of me and I have a hard time thinking of doing things differently.” – Mr. Burton

“So you don’t like working for the man?” – Emmett

“I have had a few jobs. I mean my job here working for L.C.C. but it also, you know, there’s a certain degree of freedom that they allow us in how we approach our classes. But yeah, for web design, I think also it being a new feel was something that kind of made it exciting to do it on my own because it was all being it was a pioneering field.” – Mr. Burton””


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