Informational Interview: The Graphic Shop


It took me awhile to find the perfect place for me to interview because I didn’t particularly want to interview just anyone. It had to be somewhat meaningful while holding up the quota i was given for my project. And then it came to me, I mean I already pass it on my way coming home on the bus so why not a better place than the Graphics shop. Its a big yellow building simplistic in size on the corner of garfield and west 11th street. I was greeted by the owner almost instantaneously with a smile and a welcome. We talked for a short while as he got ready to leave for more equipment in which will soon help them expand into more business opportunities. Before he left however he showed me around and let me take some photos with him and his amazing building art (which you can see above).

After talking with the owner I was then left to discuss the interview portion with his manager Ralph Lorey Jr where we talked about the work that went on around the store and how it is to be a graphic designer in a small local business. For this local business they were getting ready to do some expanding which is one of the many reasons why they were getting new equipment in. They work with local artist to bring there ideas to life. I asked if there was a need to be an artist or if anyone with no artistry experience could to the same job well if not better. In his response he said how in his time as a student he new many if not most students who weren’t artist doing graphic design work.

When I asked what his plans were in the future if he was to stay there or do other design work he response came with a card. It was his own personal graphic design card in which he also wanted to do music production, music and fire performance events, merchandising and more.




I asked if  the industry was affecting his business at all in which he said that because of all the new local marijuana dispensaries going in there has been an increase in business cards and sings that have been commissioned. Making an uprising within there own marketing as well because with more business there also comes more people to spread the word on how they did with there commissioned work.

When asked if there had ever been a time in which they had work commissioned that they couldn’t do simply because the material required to make it was not at there disposal he replied with a yes, however he also mentioned that when they send work to other fellow graphic designers they intern send people back to them. We ended up ending our time after a short while of questions in which I thanked him for his time and patients with me and then went on my way.


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