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On February 14th, I made an appearance to the Art Gallery at LCC in Building 11. There weren’t any people there to talk to, but I did notice some new art or maybe just art that I haven’t seen yet. Paintings really interest me because it is crazy how realistic people can make paintings and how creative someone can be. I suck at drawing, so seeing what talented people are capable of, really surprises me. Art is huge and is everywhere. Having made this visit makes me want to see and learn more! After this visit, I researched more about paintings and famous artists. An artist I came across was Pablo Picasso. Artist like him are important because of the creations they have made. Have you heard of Cubism? Pablo was one of the founders of this. Cubism art is cool to look at because it uses geometric shapes and creates a picture so interesting. This was a huge movement and it is just one of many. I appreciate art not only because it’s fascinating, but because it really represents the artists. Many artists have many styles. You can learn so much by a piece of art and that’s what people should really think about when observing artists work. And what people can make art of, is amazing. Nearly anything could be made into art. But a lot of what I have seen personally is pens, pencils, paint, oil, etc. I see art important in education because it can describe you as a person. That’s why I am so interested in Media Arts. I am more of a digital artist. There is so much to create and so much to learn and this is one of the many steps I will take. I want to make this painting but in a version of a video. I want to make projects that people look at and admire or use for inspiration the same ways I look up too many other well-known people. I enjoy this class and everyone in it. I learned a lot of things and tried a lot in new areas. I worked with different students and it is so great being around people with the same interests. This class was very helpful to experiment with it all and I am in love. I will continue with Digital Video Production and hope to make something out of it. This was an amazing class and an amazing assignment. I wish I was able to explore more but time was very limited due to other classes and work. So, I ended up stopping by the Art Gallery on my way to my writing class. This assignment makes me really want to visit more art galleries in the summer, where time won’t be such a struggle. I already have a list of art galleries that I plan on visited during the break. Some of the galleries I came across are Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Club Mud Ceramics Co-op, Shirley Reade Art Works, etc.

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  1. Athen Plummer

    Jashawn really nice subtle work here. I can really tell just how much you appreciated your classes and the assignment itself


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