W18-P5 Image Editing: 5 Shadow Puppets

This project has given me some experience with Adobe Premiere, one of the newest programs I have used. Adobe Premiere is different to the other programs I am used to when editing films, but I believe that I understand how it works. I enjoyed this project, but had some difficulties filming the project. For instance, I had some difficulty getting the clips to film me doing each shadow puppet. Sometimes I looked at the clips and it did not capture my hand’s movements.

Not only was the filming the hard part, but I had some difficulty with my audio. I did my audio on my own time with Audacity, and used a script I wrote to read out loud into the microphone. When I listened to the audio, I did not like the results. So I decided to restart and read the script in a different way. Once that was done, I was happy with my audio.

Lastly, I had a difficult time with finding shadow puppets I could use for my film. I wanted to use puppets that I did not know, but I knew some of them online. However, I picked five shadow puppets I thought would be fun to use for me with this project. I am happy with the ones I have chosen to use.

Overall, I like doing this project and I think I am satisfied with my work on the five shadow puppets I used for my film. Despite my difficulties, I managed to find a way to past them and learn these experiences. I have learned my mistakes, and I hope that the next project I can avoid making the same ones so I can feel good about producing the best project. The W18-P5 Image Editing project has been a great project whatsoever.

This is my P5 Image Editing Project. I hope you like it!

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