Premier Editing with Rio:

I chose 5 seconds of 15 stale clips of my dog ‘rio-burrito’. I was trying to accomplish a video where he was dressed in 5 holiday outfits however that didn’t go quite as planned. All files I had of the video got corrupted so instead i had to make this. Which ended up just as well.


I ended up using a canon camera in taking the photos I have in video, (out of video I ended up using my ipod camera). For me using my dog it was pretty easy I had him sit in one spot every time that was well lighted and then took some pictures (about 10) before every video. Had I not done that I would have had nothing to show for my project or the work that went into it.


With every take I did we ended with treats, then put him in a new outfit to set him back in place again. We ended up doing 8 outfits however you’ll only be seeing four within this video. I wouldn’t recommend normally using animals in your video less you have a well behaved/mannered animal ready and eager to please (like my goof ball).

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The premier aspect was difficult to manage at first however was a lot easier to use than other adobe softwares i’ve used. The most difficult part I had making this project was remembering to save and backup everything (which is where the whole video to pictures feature came from.) Yet everything came together well and worked out.

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