Look what I can do with the number 5


What I tried to accomplished was that I got to explore more places. The experience I got was taking my dogs places they won’t go on a daily basis. Other than the park, grandparents house, and the car. I love watching my dogs run around and get their energy out. The experience of them getting all excited to go into the car and get ready to go somewhere brings joy to my heart because I love seeing my dogs happy and “smile”. Even the experience for me was fun because I got to go to the coast with my dogs and my grandpa. This project was soo much fun to do because a lot of people have good eyes for photos and videos. For me this was one of my favorite projects to do. The accomplishment as well I tried to get the best shots and try to keep it between 1-2 minutes. The difficult thing for me to do was trying to find places to take my dogs and another thing was that they wouldn’t sit still at all. I’m not going to lie I was getting a bit frustrated with my dogs because I really needed them to sit still or stay in one spot. But I am glad that I was able to take them out places because they don’t as much with my dads and I schedule. Another difficulty was trying to make my dogs look the same way, but that really didn’t happen much. Luckily I have learned to take multiple photos and pick out the really good ones. My favorite thing was the video because I loved the way I did the angle of it. I know I didn’t do much video because to me it seem muted easier to do photos than video with my dogs.


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