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As you probably guessed, I had a lot of fun with this project.  this is the second project of mine that involved my guinea pigs.  I got my first Guinea Pig in 2012 for my birthday. my best friend had a couple Pigs growing up and I always wanted one. My wife brought home two guinea pigs from her preschool class that needed a home.

over the years guinea pigs have come and gone, and we replace each fallen friend with a new one.  we call it the revolving door of Guinea Pigs.  now we have what will hopefully be our final two.  I will miss working with them when they are gone.

After realizing that I have had five Guinea Pigs, I thought it would be fun to involve them in this project.  what I was trying to accomplish was a trip down memory lane.  all the photos are of Pigs that are no longer with us, and the video is the Pigs that are at home right now running around.

The hardest part of this project was going through old pictures of past Guinea pigs.  after I had all the pictures that I wanted, i filmed my Pigs in slow motion (60fps) and tried to get them to run around.  they have never seen a camera before and they didn’t seem too excited about it, but I still got some decent footage of them in their element.  I hope you enjoy the video.  its a little glimpse into a world many don’t venture.



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