5 places to visit in Florence!


Hi everyone! I decided to create a little tour guide video around my home town, Florence. Many people in Eugene don’t visit Florence often, and I’ve met some folks who don’t even know where it’s located! It’s about an hour and a half away from Eugene by car. It’s a coast city, and it hosts my favorite place to surf: South Jetty. It also has astonishing waterfalls, lakes, a river, and creeks to enjoy in Summer. The weather isn’t as extreme, so it tends not to get too hot, or too cold most of the year. However, this week it snowed a little and it has been a bit cold. That’s why I didn’t get out to film for this project as much as I hoped. I ended up filming South Jetty, the Old Town Harbor, the water tower and the sign you first see when you enter Florence, the Heceta Head Lighthouse, and just for laughs, the Safeway supermarket because Florence is a very small town and frankly we don’t have that many exciting places.

It was my first time driving to the Heceta Head Lighthouse alone (I’ve gone in summer camps and with family before, but I never drove). I got lost on the way there and back, and I ended up accidentally driving halfway to Yachats before realizing I didn’t recognize any of the trail signs that I was driving past. I ended up doing a cramped 3-point turn, and worrying if I really had been going the wrong way for a while.. which I had been! Also, just to warn you Yachats doesn’t have a gas station (crazy right?) and you have to go to a different city to get gas, because apparently the only gas station they had went out of business! Also, my gps wasn’t working out there..

If you plan to take a trip to North or South jetty, do pack a few extra coats and scarves, because you never know how windy it might be.. I had to include that man fishing for surf perch in my video because he didn’t appear to be dressed correctly for being out there, especially in Winter! It was crazy! When we surf out there, we wear full body wetsuits, with gloves and booties, in Summer! There’s also many astonishing sunrises over there, it was just too chilly for me to stay that long that day, and the next time I came, it full-on hailed! The entire ground was covered in hail..

I hope you all enjoy my video, it was my first time making one like this!

By: Haley Millard

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