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I accepted the assignment of what 5 means to me. At first I thought it was a rather odd task, however I quickly did a google search for 5. I ended up with more material than I needed. It took me some time to whittle down the stuff I unearthed. There is much about the number 5 online.  I wanted to put 5 in the perspective of a movie. I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish this. It came to me that it was important to expand my skills and try Premiere. I gave it a good go and felt it would take much more time that I had to be at the college and use the computers there. As we were shorted a school day this past Monday, I reverted to what I knew. That it good old ProTools. After compiling the 5 stuff I wanted to use it got thrown into a power point slide show. With the use of the animation and some help with a few giphy files, I thought I had it made. It was easy fairly so to have someone at work do the audio portion of the movie. I used quicktime screen record to make the movie a finished piece of work. Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow for importing a movie within the free version for students.

I had a great time gathering, condensing, audio capturing, powerpoint making, and finally putting it all together for my Presentation of what 5 means to me.

I was especially pleased to learn the quicktime can make a movie and/or at a least do a movie clip of what it sees on the computer screen.    Kevin
Making Your 5 Day Work Week Work Well

Making Your 5 Day Work Week Work Well


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