“PSA: Bad Pet Judgement” by Emmett Crass

Audio says:

“Hello, my name is Emmett Crass.


When I was just a sweet, innocent child I was subject to the existence of a guinea pig that my little sister owned. Mind you, I had a guinea pig as well but my sister’s guinea pig was a menace.

These tiny rodents are known to squeak at you. Her pig liked to screech. Imagine trying to sleep and gather energy for the next day at school when you hear the blood curdling scream coming from the caged beast in the corner of your shared bedroom.

This guinea pig also performed the normal ritual of “Popcorning”. Popcorning is a normal dance consisting of the pig jumping around in excitement when they are too happy to contain their emotions. My sister’s rodent however would fling fecal matter all around our room when it popcorned.

My guinea pig, the late Mr. President, may god rest his soul, never screeched or flung his poo in excitement. I believe the reason Felix did these things because my sister has Bad Pet Judgement, otherwise known as BPJ. For this reason we as a community need to ban together to legally prevent her from ever obtaining an animal by her own choice again. Our society needs to protect ourselves from my sister’s Bad Pet Judgement so that no one else will ever need to feel the wrath of a Guinea Pig Scorned.”


This was a really interesting project! As someone who has not ever really worked much with audio files, I found playing with Audacity to create this goofy Public Service Announcement to be really fun.

Overall I mostly just wanted to give it a more serious and scary vibe that I noticed a lot of PSA’s have. I did this through trying to make my voice sound serious and keeping to unnerving sound effects. I did not want the sound effects to over power the audio so I played around with Audacity until I figured out how to properly lower the volume on the selected track until I reached the desired outcome. I also learned how to elongate tracks to draw out the sounds and make the sound more ominous than intense which I found super cool.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my first Audacity attempt as much as I did creating it!

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