By Emma Turnbull (Narrator & Editor), Obsidian White (Writer & Illustrator), Holly Smith (Writer), & Finnley O’Toole (Writer).

P4 – Audio: Atlantica

Atlantica is a story written sometime in the last year by my best friends in high school. I thought it would be an interesting piece of writing to read as it has lots of crazy lingo and it’s very creative. I also think more people need to hear it as it truly is impressive for an essay that got a passing grade. My original goal was to have the main writer, Obsidian, read it aloud but I knew he was unlikely to do it as anyone would be. He turned out to be busy the day I had the mic so I wound up being the narrator. I suppose my goal was to have a decent sounding story that at least made a little sense although I know the tech part of this assignment was the focus. I’d say I accomplished that goal.
After about an hour of recording on one of the Snowball microphones, I had a nice two minute-ish recording of my (surprisingly) okay reading voice. Through YouTube and my own troubleshooting I learned how to cut the recording to a decent length and remove any gaps and clicks. I also had a bit of time in MUL 103 learning about Audition but we’re not too far into that yet. After recording of course, I got my friends’ approval of the rough cut (and yours’). I thought this was a very interesting assignment and I enjoyed it immensely.

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