What I was trying to accomplish was to give off a spooky vibe and make people feel spooked. My experience with this project was that it was fun and also difficult to find something to record. I tried to make people believe that it actually happened to me. My favorite thing that I loved doing this project was trying to find the music and sounds to put into the project. I had so much fun and this project made me kind of thing that I should do audio instead of photography.  I tried to accomplish in this assignment was that to try to over lap the music and the sounds. Trying to find sounds and music to give a spooky vibe was very hard for me to figure out. Lucky I used the website freesounds.org , the one she gave us to use, and I found ones that I really liked. I hope that I can gain more experience with audio because it seems fun to do and seems like something I would love to do. During the project I had struggles reading the little story that I did. I am such a bad reader, but this project helped me gain more help with my reading.




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