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crowd_shot1-411e029284dbdc634e90db5de365fc9d.jpgFor my p4-audio assignment, I chose to recreate an exerpt from some stand-up comedy by Bernie Mac. As you all should know, Bern’s style of comedy is steeped in truth, and can be very raunchy at times. I chose the sections of the performance that made me laugh the most when I first watched it. He touched on some pretty relevant subjects in my life, and brought light to things that are not widely joked about, incarceration, social issues, etc. But the main reason that I chose this clip is that it is a representation of a positive male in my life, one who through his art touched me and in more serious settings, was an amazing example on what its like to be a strong melanated male.

I grew up watching his show, where he took in his sisters kids because her crack cocaine addiction left her unfit to care for them. He basically raised kids that look and act like my siblings in real life, so of course we gravitated to it. He taught his “kids” many lessons on screen, and off we soaked them up like a sponge.

Here I attempt to capture his intensity and smooth talking nature in a clip from titled “I ain’t Scared”


3 thoughts on “P4 Audio

  1. Anthony Worstell

    Interesting choice for the project. I wonder, was the air horn sound supposed to blur out the swearing? Anyways, an excellent project! Good work!


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