Oh No

I didn’t know anything about audio going into this project and I thought it was going to take forever to do and I wasn’t going to understand any of it. But once I hopped on audacity and started pocking around, I found that it was kind of similar to video editing and had a similar layout like the cutting, moving, and layering. The more I learned the easier the project came and I had very few complications. The reason I used audio of a guy telling a funny story is because I absolutely hate the sound of my voice. But I had a fun time looking for sound affects and playing around with them and I hope I put enough in. I was mainly trying to accomplish putting sound affects that were nice and clear and having some background music and making sure it faded out at the end of the recording. I tried to make sure that the audio was nice and smooth without any strange unnecessary sounds. I now feel more confident to work with audio in the future and hope to use it in future classes.

By: Isaac Bennion


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