Hercules and the Wagoner


In this audio piece I wanted to convey to the listener and surround them in the environment of the wagoner and have them feel as if they are on the cliff side stranded. In this piece towards the end self help is always the best when nobody is around and you can no only rely on yourself for certain things especially when nobody is around. Self help teaches you in many different ways that even though you may feel helpless there is always a self driven part of the human psyche that will edge the person to go on. In my life I’ve always done things on my own and learned through perseverance and very little help from others in life. This fable really struck a cord with me and I knew I had to do this piece. It hasn’t always been easy as I’ve wanted to be angry with everyone or everything around me when all I had to do is push just a little more. In this piece Hercules says that “looking at it and whining about” won’t solve anything and he’s absolutely right. If you take time to problem solve you can accomplish anything. Thank you for reading and listening!

3 thoughts on “Hercules and the Wagoner

  1. kevin kleppe

    Jordan-I liked your horses soundtrack. You have a good speaking voice. You might practice more reading aloud to someone. It kinda sounded like you were reading to yourself. You did well.


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