Audio Project: The Boys & the Frogs

For this project, I decided to record myself reading the Aesop fable “The Boys and the Frogs.” I chose this piece because I appreciate the message about considering how your “fun” might impact the lives of other living creatures.

Download the audio file HERE

Check out the fable I used HERE

To record, I used a portable Tascam microphone that is lashed to a small camera tripod using rubber bands (I would have loved to use one of the Blue Snowball mics, but my schedule did not allow for me to utilize equipment checkout). Because of this, the audio quality is not ideal, and there is some noticeable distortion. My initial intention was to mix my own voice in a way that reminds me of the audiobooks on cassette tapes that I used to listen to as a young kid, so I did the best I could to make this distortion a “feature” rather than a “bug.”

The percussion arrangement was created using sounds I recorded myself; a combination of tongue clicking and water dropping into a pot. I layered these sounds on top of each other in the software Ableton Live. The ambient sounds and the splashing sounds are both royalty-free sounds that I downloaded from the internet.


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