W18-P4 Audio: Pickle Juice Sleepy Tea Infomercial

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the wacky infomercials always trying to sell you some item you don’t really need (no matter how much the spokesperson insists). That was what I was trying to recreate, with this audio project.  I find those infomercials hilarious, because what is being sold is always something crazily odd, that may not even work like how they claim it does (especially the ones that say you’ll lose weight easily). The ads tend to be really cheesy, and many of them are very old because they’ve been reused for many years. So I did a bit of a double objective: 1. I tried to “sell” the Pickle Juice Sleepy Tea 2. I raised awareness to how kooky infomercials can be. I feel like I could have done a bit better with this project if I had more experience. I should have talked a bit louder and confidently, and that would have solved some of the issues my audio recording has. The background has a slight fuzzy white noise, that’s partly because I don’t have a wind sock. However, for my first time doing this sort of project, I can’t be too hard on myself. I hope you all like my project, and find it funny like I did.

By: Haley


6 thoughts on “W18-P4 Audio: Pickle Juice Sleepy Tea Infomercial

  1. Zach

    pickle juice sleepy tea sounds awful. I would never use this product. I feel like there could have been more sounds. some yawning or rustling of bedsheets or something. adding more sounds will make this add so much more

  2. Anthony Worstell

    Pickle Juice Sleepy Tea? That sounds like an actual product I can buy at the grocery store. A funny audio skit nonetheless. Good work!


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