W18-P4 Audio: Everything Gum


My audio project was fun, creative, and interesting to do while using Audacity to create my “radio commercial”. There were some challenges such as getting my audio to be the minimum of 1:30. Audacity was a little bit difficult to use, but when I got the hang of it I could do a lot of different ways to make my audio better. I wanted to re-create my old high school project called Everything Gum. The idea about it was a commercial about gum that can do everything.

In my experience, I had some problems with this project such as saving my progress and trying to make my project the best I could make it. The struggle of being satisfied with the project made me doubt my creative ideas that I thought were unique. However, I have conquered those obstacles and created a project that I am proud of. I think re-creating my old project was a good idea for me because it helped me figure out what I could have done better, and make my project something to be happy about the outcomes it produced in the end.

Overall, I enjoyed this project and hope this passes the requirements it needed to have before the due date.


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