The Fox and Stork

this was a fun little project.  I dont remember hearing fables when I was a kid, but I;m sure I did.  when I first read the fable I knew I wanted some kind of fiddle in the background.  I pictured the fox and stork out in a field on a warm day hanging out.  I chose the fiddle because it implies an old west feeling and I think it puts the listener outside with our little friends.

the hardest part was listening to my voice while I worked on it.  I actually pitched the dialogue down so I didnt have to hear myself.  there are moments in this fable that I was able to punctuate with sound rather easily.  it seemed like every few seconds there was something that needed a sound.  the plates anbd jars, the frustration of the animals, and a number of spots that allowed for some humor to come through.

There are 24 sounds in the story and I had a blast finding a spot for each one.  my past audio experience made the process really fun.  I didnt have to learn how to use anything to make it.  this allowed me to spend all my time being creative. in the future, I need to take more time recording my own voice.  I hate hearing myself so I did the recording in one take.  there are a few rough spots for sure.

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