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The Wayside Chapel

An English Lady, while visiting Switzerland, was looking for a room and she asked the schoolmaster if he could recommend any. He took her to see several rooms and when everything was settled. the lady returned to her home to make final preparations to move.

When she arrived home, the thought suddenly occurred to her that she had not seen a “W.C.” around. The schoolmaster was a very poor student of English, so he asked the parish priest if he could help him in the matter. Together they tried to discover the meaning of the letters “W.C.” The only solution they could find for the letters was a “Wayside Chapel”


The Wayside Chapel

3 thoughts on “IMA-W18-P4-Kleppe-Kevin-W18-P4 Audio

  1. Zach

    this is weird and interesting for sure. you sound like john goodman! good job on the mix. I think the outdoor sounds could be lowered just a little. good balance!


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