My Audacity Experience

With this Audio project I was dealt with I had come across a couple complications mostly from no experience with the software and lack of equipment.

Thankfully I had someone who knew exactly what to do and had the equipment to do it on, and that someone is my older sister Angie W.


We talked about what we were going to do and how we were going to accomplish it. I tried to say the lines for the story we chose but just couldn’t quite get the words to roll the way we wanted them to sound.

So instead she read the lines and I was the producer if you will. I changed and helped fix the story and sounds, she helped me around the unknown parts of the software I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.


The story we chose was by an unknown author from an old post found on facebook/google.

We ended up using sound samples from and some stuff found on her computer from previous side projects she had in the past. All together we had around seven or so different sound samples making up the story and the results came out magnificent.

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