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Creative Bloq’s articles are written by different people and it is packed full of tips for animators, illustrators, designers, photographers, etc. I’ve never come across a page with so many motivating tutorials and inspiring articles about multimedia design! Just by spending a few minutes on the page I discovered: How to create a video game character in ZBrush, How to create a lava lamp with KeyShot, 5 simple tips for painting beautiful skies, 12 huge web design trends for 2018, and 19 top free brush fonts. The site provides many great resources I know I’ll need in my future work field: animation. It’s also opening my eyes to other things: speed painting, designing fonts, creating virtual 3D landscapes. Now I have an idea of what professional tools I might want to look out for in the future due to it’s helpful articles, such as 12 best pencils for designers and artists. I find this site to be produced very efficiently, It’s partnered with a few magazines, in which it goes in detail about which was covered in the articles, and it has many writers finding astonishing new tutorials and information to post on a regular basis. The quality of the information provided is outstanding, it’s cleanly written and the authors get to the point in teaching you how to use the information in your life. For example on of the articles: The best free graphic design software. It lets you know where to find the design software, how you might use it, and the best part is it’s free! I’d highly recommend you check out Creative Bloq, and get inspired, as I did.

Written by: Haley


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