Wonderful surroundings of LCC

1) I loved checking out the new building and seeing where you can check out new equipment.

2)The blue cyc wall? I think of blues clues.

3)Free popcorn anyone?

4) So many good artist put there.

5)The Art-o-mat looks really cool, sucks I  didn’t have $5 on me at the time.

6) The shed is located right near the library and people can get help from others there

7)I feel like a tiny little ant from this view

8)I think its a good idea to get to know her

9)Computers, computers, computers. They are everywhere, need to work on a media arts project? There you go.

10)Judy Gates is a good adviser to talk to.

11)Look at those times. When should I visit Teresa?

12)The “students first” building is a place where people can get help with financial aide and enrollment.

13) I love the interesting things that you can find around campus.

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