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The reason I chose this blog is because I am a huge Jeff Tremaine fan. Jeff Tremaine is the director for Jackass, Wildboyz, Rob & Big, Nitro Circus, etc. I did not know that he had a blog until this project. I want to be a director and Jeff Tremaine is my favorite director and like I said before, Jackass is my favorite. I was familiar with Gorilla Flicks and he had a website but I never really checked it out. It’s really rad because it has all his films and he talks about a lot of his work. Others might like this site because Tremaine is god and hes is hilarious! One good resource would be https://www.hulu.com/press/show/dumb-the-story-of-big-brother-magazine/ . This is a link to a documentary on how Tremaine started. The documentary is about “Big Brother Magazines” and I’ve seen it before. It’s really cool because it links with how Jackass was started and how the cast was made. I found it on his blog. I think this site is well produced. It is easy accessible  and I was able to find my way around comfortably. Like finding the documentary, it was in the “Watch” section which was very organized with a bunch more other movies of his.Capture.JPG

By Jashawn Clark

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