Where Are They Again?

Equipment Building Resized

The Equipment Center is located inside Building 18 at Lane’s campus where students can borrow cameras, bi-pods, and tons of other stuff for projects or assignments! It’s very neat!

Blue Cyc Wall Resized

The Blue Cyc Wall is used for CGI. Students can use the room and have fun with their projects at the same time! Amazing!

Center for Engagement Resized

The Center for Student Engagement is a fun place to come by on your free time at school. They also have free popcorn!

Art Gallery Resized

Astounding art done by students at Lane! It is located in the Center building if anyone want to observe them.

Art O Mat Resized

The Art-O-Mat is a strange device. But it can give you stickers for five dollars. I would find it at the Art building one day.

Reference Counter Resized

The Reference desk is in the library where they can help you find something to use for an assignment in class. They can help you tremendously!

Silver Sculpture Resized

A cool silver sculpture near the Health and Wellness building. I think the reflection has some sort of meaning.

Mary Jo Resized

Mary Jo’s office is in the Art building, so do not feel nervous to stop by!

Media Creation Lab Resized

The Media Creation Lab is open for all Lane students. Honestly, it looks cool once you go in there.

Judy Gates Resized

Judy Gates’ office is open for all art student. Ask her questions and she will provide you answers.

Teresas Office Resized

Our professor’s office is inside Building 18 behind the Equipment Center. Stop by if you have questions or concerns about your progress in the class! She will be happy to help you.

Student First Building Resized

I love this picture! The flags from all other countries is absolutely fascinating to me!

Mr. Turkey Resized

“Did you get my good side?” the turkey asked.

By: Anthony Worstell


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