About me.

My name is Drake, if you didn’t know that already I just wanted to be sure you knew. I am currently enrolled at Lane community college and I hope to graduate with a major in media. I enjoy movies, music and video games. I currently live in the attic of my grandma’s house, which isn’t so bad. I work at a Kentucky Fried Chicken, that’s as glamorous and as rewarding as it sounds, but hey, gotta pay for my car somehow. Speaking of my car I have a 1988 fox body convertible Ford Mustang, that I got used and needs A LOT of work, so most of my paychecks go into savings to fix it up. Well, that’s the most of it, hope you enjoyed reading this and if you wanna hang out sometime that would be cool.

2 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Haley Millard

    Hi Drake,
    It’s awesome how honest you are. What type of job are you trying to get once you graduate? I’d love to see a picture of you Ford Mustang, it will be really cool fixed up!

    Excited to learn with you,


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