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JaShawn Clark by JaShawn Clark

I am JaShawn Clark. This photo describes the two things I like to do which is editing and skating. I was born in Riverside, California later moving to Oregon. I went to high school at Crater Renaissance Academy in Central Point, Oregon where I met my best friend and now roommate, Camren Simpson. In high school I took Graphic Design, Digital Video Production, Photojournalism and more. I also did some audio engineering in high school and made a few songs but making films is a better interest of mine that I wanted to continue. I am a HUGE movie collector. I enjoy spending my free time watching movies not only because they are fun to watch, but to learn. If I had to choose a favorite actor I would say Seth Rogen because his films are outstanding! “Superbad” is my favorite movie by far but there are many other good ones such as “Neighbors” or “This is the End” or his new film “Disaster Artist.” And if I was to choose a series, it would be Jackass hands down. The whole cast is awesome! Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville, Ryan Dunn, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee-Man etc. all are funny dudes! I own all the jackasses and all their original T.V. series. Their stunts are so amusing to watch. My twitter is @JaShawnsTweeter follow me on twitter. So that’s what got me to decide what I wanted to study in college and some of my everyday interests. I love meeting people, collaborating and trying new stuff. I’m down for anything.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Haley Millard

    Hi JaShawn,
    I’m interested in learning to skate. That’s a really cool board! I have heard of those movies, but I’ve yet to see them. Every Frame a Painting is a great Youtube channel to check out, it talks about editing and filming movies.

    Excited to learn with you,

  2. Athen Plummer

    Would love to hear some of your music sometime and even collaborate some projects with you. Nice board and awesome video selections

  3. Emmett Crass

    I really like your photo, the composition and camera angle is really cool and the image is really crisp. Also I’m glad you liked the Disaster Artist, I’ve been planning to see it. The Room is a work of art hahaha


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