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My name is Ta’Ron. Or call me Scoe.

Ta’Ron Briscoe. Ta-Ron A two syllable name, yet many stumble over it. But I’ve grown used to it somehow. It may be confusing to some, but I believe it is a very cool name.
My mother’s name is Toni. My brothers names are Darien and Aaron. Literally combine those three individuals and you get…


I like to think of myself as a very creative person. I love creating things, simply. Whether it be music, lyrics, t-shirt designs, etc. I want to design a car one day. Hopefully that says something about the openness of my approach to my creativity. I think the curiosity that was instilled in me can be credited to my eldest brother Aaron. It wasn’t until I layed eyes on him performing his raps over an instrumental that I tried my hand.

My brother Darien is an athlete, a ball player. He was always a kind of smooth hardworking fellow. He made it all look so easy, a freshman playing varsity basketball in high school; captain of the team. I might have believed that he was just gifted. I might have believed that he was just the beneficiary of constant good luck was just jealousy on my part. He would come home countless nights too tired to make a meal before crashing into bed. But it seemed that very little rest was needed when game-day would come. I would sit in the stands and watch the outcome of pushing yourself past your limits on a daily basis, and I’ve strived to be that way ever since.

My mother Toni, is such an amazingly loving and caring woman. She’s also about her business. She’s never had a beer but deep laughter is a constant in her presence, true and  genuine. She used to work 16 hours a day to keep a roof over our heads, and almost 2 years ago purchased her first home. It was a monumental achievement in my eyes because I’ve seen her sacrifice so much. Seeing it all pan out for her and being able to take that example and multiply it for my children one day should I have them.

I like to believe that the qualities that I seem to have inherited are the things that make me who I am. They are the things that keep me in a mental state of positivity, despite any opposite stimulus in my universe. As aforementioned, I caught on to my desire to be creative as a kid, and that desire has only grown stronger since then. I went on to start writing my own lyrics and begging my mom to buy me equipment. She couldn’t exactly afford to do that, so I saved any moneys I received until I was able to purchase what I needed online. The rest is history. I went on to record myself and others, as well as have the privilege of performing for live audiences. My favorite part of it all is performing live to be honest. At this point in my journey I am seeking a degree in multimedia design in order to be able to garner the type of respect that is required to run a major record label one day, which is actually my ultimate goal.

By: Ta’Ron Briscoe

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