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Hello, I’m Haley, and I’m a multimedia major trying to become an animator for a company such as Disney or Studio Ghibli, or possibly start my own company. I live in Florence (on the coast of Oregon), and I enjoy swimming, and am currently learning to surf. One of my summer projects was fixing up my surfboard with Fiberglass. It’s a 7.5 feet tall Al Merrick board. Other hobbies of mine include drawing, working on crafts, watercolor painting, playing the keyboard, reading, cooking, hiking, spending time with my pets and siblings, and hosting an Anime club when I have the time around my busy schedule. I have four younger siblings, a tuxedo cat named Oreo, and a lab/shepherd mix dog named Sasha. During winter break, I got my driver’s license. I haven’t been out of the country, but I’ve been to California and Washington. I want to learn Japanese, and one day visit or study abroad in Japan. Examples of music I enjoy are lofi hiphop (it’s nice for studying with) and songs from the band Matt & Kim. I’m a definite foodie, and am interested in creating a food critic blog on restaurants I go to, and recipes I try. I look forward to learning with everyone!

By: Haley Millard

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