Come Back

Loved making this short for my Writing class. Basically, I wanted to experiment in a field I have never written or filmed on. I decided to go with heartbreak, depression, and addiction in a narrative form. Ultimately making a drama.

Some of the ways I went about this were different. I wanted to write a script but ended up doing it in the opposite direction. I also used recycled experimental scenes I shot to form this story. It worked pretty well together I must say. But definitely, in my own opinion, could have worked harder on the noise in the picture and the matching of scenes.

The narration I wrote, obviously isn’t my strongest of abilities, worked well when inserting it directly into the timeline. Strange how that works sometimes…you could be just writing something random and film something random, put them together and it looks really good and makes sense. I have good luck with this as I have found out many times.

The equipment I used: Panasonic G7, kit lens, 25mm f1.7 prime, Zhiyun Crane v2, Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2017.

The song I used was from an artist I found a week before starting to edit it together. I believe he is a one man show. The name is “Shook”! I recommend you give him a follow on Spotify.

Special thanks to my wife and Philip Hawkins as the main roles. My daughter did an amazing job, being only 23 months! Narration voice was done by a fellow student/coworker Sara Andrews. She really put herself into the characters shoes and made it something special. Very strong performance by actors and voice.

I am very lucky to have the help I get and the support from so many. I appreciate positive feedback  from all and respect your opinions. Leave a comment on what you think!

Thanks for reading and have a greta day!