P6: Final, “The Room Mate”

My experience with the final project was awesome. The pre-production was fun to make, storyboarding is something that is really enjoyable for me. I made a three page storyboard with about 12 pictures on front and back. These images planned out the whole movie with all the scenes and angles. The filming process was also fun and satisfying. My talent for the most part was easy to work with. The only problem I had was I had to redo certain parts. The only other problem was my talent’s language. They have really bad potty mouths so we had to redo some scenes to make them more appropriate. The editing process went smoothly. I put all of the clips together and messed with all the audio and trimmed the film to the way I liked it. The music was off of freesound.org. The music I thought was fitting. There was only two tracks used one for the scary stuff that happened in the film and a song used for the credits. Overall the experience was super fun. During this class I learned that post-production work in film is something that I would like to move forward with. Thank you for listening and enjoy my final project!

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