My Traveling Dream


This project has truly been a blast to work on. It features my dream to travel to three distinct countries. I would love to travel to a lot more countries, but for this project, three felt like a good number. The challenge was to use my imagination and the locations/resources around me to create what I “think” visiting each country would be like. I chose to focus on only what came to my mind from years of watching travel channels or seeing gorgeous images. For Ireland, it was the beautiful green hills, ruins, and pubs (hence the video in the credits). For Canada, it’s vast acres of. And for Italy, I am initially drawn to the vineyards, but I couldn’t “see” the product as easily as I thought of the romantic dinner. I also sought to play with soft focus for that dreamlike state and capture the raw beauty of the locations I went to for my footage (except my dining room).


Before I started shooting, I knew I needed a more concrete visual aid to help me move through this project. I began by expanding the rough sketches I had sent to Teresa for part 1. I then sketched every frame in detail and combined sketches that began to flow into more of the story. I wrote notes and FOV. Then I hoped for good weather.

I did have to change my plans for the Italian dinner. I “saw” this series being shot outside during night fall. I thought the lights would have more contrast. Due to weather, I decided to have the dining room would suffice. Though the initial couple for this series was not available, but my parents (always willing to help) volunteered. I made them spaghetti. And all was well. This is also my first-time filming in a much dimmer lighting environment.


When I got all my chosen video in Premiere, I really did not know where to start. I came up with a ratio of 45:35:20. I knew that the movie would be 3 minutes, so I figured out how long each ‘country would take. I hit every mark.

I used the Snow Ball microphone for the first time. That was interesting. When I started recording, I couldn’t figure out why my playback sounded so far away. I realized that my laptop microphone was picking up my voice. But everything worked out. The audio was not too bad.  Playing with the audio levels in Premiere was fun. I have never done that before. The song choice had to be the best part of the post-production. That result was a happy mistake.


This project has taught me a lot. I found pan-zoom to be much harder. If I could, I would remove these now that I know they’re a no-no. But I am new to film and audio, so I feel pretty good overall with my project.

It was a pleasure working with everyone!


By: Maurissa Keller

5 thoughts on “My Traveling Dream

  1. Taron Briscoe

    Wow, a truly engaging and interesting visuals! It didn’t take very long for me to be entranced in the almost ethereal feel of the video. While watching in my minds eye I could see and hear my music matching up perfectly with this production/editing style.

  2. Eric K.

    Very Beautiful and inspiring! Wow, this is so wonderful to watch… I’m ready for a vacation too!

  3. Eric K

    Very Beautiful and inspiring! Wow, this is so wonderful to watch… I’m ready for a vacation too!


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