An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Allethuis

A Post of Fantastic Proportions!

This is the introduction to a world I have been enrapt with for the better part of a decade. It is the first thing you’ll see when you visit my blog, The Wonderful World of Allethuis, an informational webpage where I post reading materials about the countries in Allethuis and their inhabitants. I also plan on uploading lore, documentation on the fauna and flora of the different regions, and character bios of important figures in the worlds histories.

The Origins of The World

In 1987 my father began with a pink spiral-bound  notebook and a palette of colored pens. He drew a world map, borders, and geological features, then he went to work on the individual countries. The pages crinkled and bent as he filled them with demographics, histories, political statistics. One notebook turned into two, two turned into three. The world of Allethuis took shape, and once the world was born the stories took shape. In 14,000 words my father planted a seed, but tragedy struck. Life picked up, school took precedence, he married his highschool sweetheart and had a child, he started a career, and the world of Allethuis found its place on the shelf, where the dust was its only audience.

The Seed Takes Root

I fell in love when I flipped aimlessly through the pages of that first pink volume. A whole beautiful world lay the open and waiting for me to explore it. I dove into that world headfirst. I loved reading about the gold elves of Egyptus and the gnomes of Noricum, their histories and how the geography shaped their societies. I spent months visualizing the savage civil war in Gallaecia and their struggle to remain independent from Gollia even as their own people rebel.

My obsession with my father’s world only grew as the days passed into years, especially with the discovery of the manuscript. Not only had he created a world, he had begun writing a book. The original title was The Chronicles of Avalon. The thirty page manuscript contained the exposition of a high fantasy adventure waiting to unfold, but it was left unfinished, its pages yellowing in a filing cabinet with his other works. I always wondered at where the story could have gone; who lives, who dies, who is the villain, who is the hero.

This year (2017) I decided to undertake a huge task; to record the world of Avalon, now Allethuis, and spread it to the world. I want to introduce the public to the ruthlessness of the Pirate Isles. Climb the mountains of Rhaetia. Display the otherworldly forests of Egyptus. There’s a whole world hiding in my father’s notes, and I want to share it with you.

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