IMA-Williams, Jesse – P6 Final Project

This short movie clip is about a toy horse named Whitey who wakes up and begins his day by eating a bowl of cereal. It may not sound like much but Whitey isn’t human and he must overcome obstacles in order to enjoy his breakfast.

I really enjoyed making this little film because it allows me to connect it with something that has a lot of meaning to me. Whitey’s full name is Whitey the Wonderhorse and he represents my grandfather’s truck. My grandfather gave Whitey to my brother and I for our first vehicle to drive and we did so for the first year of having a license. The truck is small and painted white but don’t be fooled because it is just as old as I am. For 20 years Whitey has gotten my family and I out of crazy situations and helped us go from point A to point B countless of times. Whitey is more than just a truck and a toy, he is part of my memories through high school and can be seen almost as a heirloom of some sorts. Currently Whitey is back home in California and isn’t really used for big trips and mainly just driving around locally. Never would I have though a vehicle would be such a large part of my life. Thanks Grandpa Gus!

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