Pizza Time_Video Edit

In this video I was trying to have two friends make a pizza, were one friend would be the arms of another friend. I wanted the video to be funny and playful.

I used a canon T5i to shoot the video and edited the clips in Premiere pro. I added sound effects and Italian music which gives the video a fun and playful feel.

Working with other people was a lot harder then I thought. It was not till after I put the videos on my computer I noticed a lot of the flaws. There are a couple shots where the head of my friend is seen behind the others back. There is also a couple shots you can see legs of my other friend. Sense some of the video had to be shot in one take I had to cut some of the parts out. The friend who was the main subject kept on talking and guiding my other friend this makes her mouth move throughout the video.

If I did this project again I would buy enough stuff to make three or four pizzas. This way I could get more video clips and choose the best ones. I would also have the main subjects hair down to cover my other friends head better. I would guide the subject that couldn’t see (the arms) so the main subject’s mouth wouldn’t be moving. Lastly I would film more time before and after the clips making the shots longer and easier to work with.

We all had a fun time making this video. I would do a project like this again.