X4 Professional Practices


The event I attended was the called “The High school Yearbook Project” by Evan Baden. The event was held in the art gallery in building 11. The event lasted from 4:00pm to about 5:00pm. The event was held on a Tuesday November the 14th. Evan Baden is a professor at OSU and has had a great career in photography. He showed of three of his projects and the technology he used. The first project was people on their cellular devices. The photos were only lit by the projection of light coming from the phone. These photos were took when the very first Iphone came out. He wanted to show how everyone has access to the internet and how that consumes you and pushes the rest of the world away. The second project was about the act of sexting. In this project he wanted to show how the media affects youth and how the media portrays sexuality in youth. The portraits showed naked or near naked models in the everyday lived in room. He stated that he had to tell people not to clean or touch anything in the room they were using for a week to get the genuine, visually looking room he was going for. The third project was the one on display. “The High school Yearbook Project”. The prints were blown up to life size and some were even bigger. These photos were of high school students with very great use of lighting. the colors on the photos were bright and interesting grabbing the viewers eye right away. The camera and tech he used was extremely interesting. He used a old film camera with a digital camera attachment with all the digital hardware attached. The camera only allowed him take small portrait sized pictures. So he would capture a photo of the subjects feet and legs then he would take multiple pictures of the upper half of the subject in different poses. Then he would capture the background in segments. Once he has all the shots he photoshops them into one composition. The artist talk was very fascinating. I gained a lot of information and sparked my interest more in photography. Being in a photography class and seeing the show, showed me that no matter your skills and interests are there is always room for improvement. Photography is not my strongest skill in media arts, but the more knowledge the better being in all these classes will all intertwine with each other and combine into your own skill set. I learned how important lighting is to take a good portrait photograph. The show makes me want to go out and photograph everything and try to master the craft. Photography and camera skills will help later on down the road. Especially in film and how to use the tech to portray the best story. What I gained from this is that now matter how good you think you are at something, never think you’re the best. Allows push yourself to learn new things and find out what you’re good at and what interests you.