Five Summer Adventures

My original Idea was a far better project than what I ended up doing. This project was nothing but a last minute scramble to just get it done. I know how to use Premiere Pro and actually enjoy ending, but when it comes to sound and using audition I fall very short. Because I had to work from home I was unable to use Premier and resulted to iMovie. Nothing but plug and play for the simplicity of my project. This summer I was supposed to go to Thailand for a trip, and ended up not going due to lack of funding. Before my trip was canceled I was gifted a GoPro. I used it a lot less than I wanted to by the end of the summer, but I still got a few good videos and some decent pictures from my iphone. I love to explore beautiful places and it’s an easy thing to do when you live in oregon. This video project is a completion of my top five adventures this summer. One of my favorites from the summer when my family and I went on the jet boat trip through Hellgate Canyon, and I assure you no matter how unhappy my grandmother looked she really did have fun.