Androcles Fable

I have never done any kind of audio work before. Audacity was a completely new thing for me. I started with recording my voice. Well, that was weird. Hearing your voice and nothing but your voice (and externally for that matter) isn’t something that happens all the time. Then I went to and started gathering some sound effects that felt right for the story that I was telling. With some googling and watching YouTube videos I was able to work my way through Audacity and finish the project.

I knew right away that I wanted to do my project using a fable. I am a person who loves stories. Stories with a meaning to them are just a plus. I read tons of the Aesops Fables. I went through so many before I decided on one. The fable simply titled “Androcles Fable” just spoke out to me. I really enjoyed it. So, it was then decided that I would use that for my project. While this story s short there are still sad moments, happy moments, and exciting moments. I wanted to try and accomplish to capture all of these moments using sound. I used sounds that followed the lion (a character in the story) and his experience with Androcles (another character). I also chose a music track that (found on the same website as all of the sound effects) sounded like it followed the changing moods of the story.

Overall I think my audio project turned out good. Working with audio was a fun experience and I am excited to delve further into the world of audio.


By: Tevin Goddard