The Lion and the Mouse- Aesop Fable

For this project I decided to read the Aesop fable, the Lion and the Mouse. This is the first time I have worked with voice recording. There were points that were challenging but it was a lot of fun.

I started by finding a fable that I remember from my childhood. I broke the story up into smaller parts so I was only recording a sentence to two at a time. I also highlighted the different voice parts to make it more like a script and not like a story.

For the feel I wanted it to sound like a recorded kids storybook. I put classical music behind the voices and a lion’s roar for when the lion is caught in the net.

The hardest part was working with someone else, trying to get the voices an even pitch, and sound clear enough to understand. I tried to do the mouse’s voice also but I did not like how it sounded. My friend agreed to do the mouse’s voice. At first she was a little shy and did not understand it takes multiple tries to get the voice sounding clean but after no time we got stuff to work with.

I do not think its perfect. I don’t really like listening to my voice. There are also some parts that could be cleaner and easier to understand. All and all I liked working in Audacity and I would not mind doing something like this again.

1 thought on “The Lion and the Mouse- Aesop Fable

  1. jeremie balek

    I agree with you. i also hate hearing my voice on a recording. It is cool you found a frined to help with your project. The end of the papagraph i like that you coached your friend and re-assured her that it takes multipul times to get the one voice as perfect as possible. i think you did an amazing job.

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