Blog Search

I spent some time looking online and found a lot of blogs that sparked my interest. The blog I am going to do my research on is 8 faces. This is a blog that focuses on typography, calligraphy, and lettering. 8 faces is a magazine created in 2010 by Jamie Clarke, who is a type designer and illustrator. In 2011 they started the online blog. 8 faces is now the largest type and lettering blog online.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.29.40 AM

The reason I chose this blog is because I find typography and lettering beautiful and fascinating. From when we start schooling as a kid we are taught writing and lettering. Being able to mold the shapes of letters that we know by heart into visually pleasing designs is an art in itself.

This blog has a lot of resources you can use because they post submissions from other designers. If you like a post on the blog you can go to the designer’s page. This makes it easy to discover new illustrators, designers, and find influence from others work.

I think the website is produced good. It is easy to navigate through the pages and posts. It is modern and clean. The tabs are straight forward with top posts, about, submit a post, ect. The posts come up in a scroll box on the home page. Most of the posts have titles, a caption or description, and a link to the designer or designing group.

The quality of information is professional. The blog is ran by a group of people who produce a typography magazine. They take time to make sure the submissions meet the standards of the blog before the posts are uploaded. This way the only information on the blog is relevant to the topic.