Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane


It is at this very door where I can checkout a fantastic camera to play around with (for class obviously).



I must say, that blue wall looks a lot better while on the other side of the door.



The Center for Student Engagement is very welcoming with their door wide open.



It was weird walking into an art gallery with my camera out ready to take pictures… ” NO PICTURES”.



I couldn’t really tell what this what but I get the feeling that it could be older than me. It sure looks like it.



This sure was the quietest library I’ve ever been in.



They say that when the light is just right this sculpture makes cool reflections.



I was hoping to meet Mary for the first time but she wasn’t in her office.



This sure looks like a place where one could stay for quite some time to finish up their Media Arts homework



I have yet to talk to Judy. Maybe I should change that since I’m in a Media Arts program here.



I just have this feeling that a good chunk of time will be spent here



My first time in this building I must not have ever looked up…



In my old high school these things are a dime a dozen. Yet here at Lane I have only ever seen one pencil sharpener.


By: Tevin Goddard

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