The Locations to Know as a Media Arts Major at Lane CC

  1. Check out, The Equipment Checkout Counter where Media Arts students checkout gear, cameras, lighting equipment and more! Make sure to reserve ahead of time. – On first floor of Bldg 17Scavenger_Hunt_10
  2. The Photography Studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall” (“Cyc” is short for Cyclorama, aka blue or green screen). – Also located on the first floor of Bldg 17 Scavenger_Hunt_11
  3. Center for Student Engagement in the Center building. *See free popcorn just through that doorway. – located on the second floor of the Center BldgScavenger_Hunt_1
  4. See student creative work in the main Art Gallery on campus. – located on the first and only floor of Bldg 11Scavenger_Hunt_3
  5. The Art-O-Mat. An original artwork dispensing machine, just $5. – Located in Bldg 11Scavenger_Hunt_4
  6. The Reference counter in the Library. Ask your questions here, I do when I have printer problems or am looking for something specific on campus. – Located in the Center BldgScavenger_Hunt_2
  7. The large silver sculpture that sits outside of the Health & Wellness building. – You can’t miss thisScavenger_Hunt_7
  8. Mary Jo Kreindel’s office (The Arts division Office Specialist). – Located in Bldg 11Scavenger_Hunt_5
  9. Media Creation Lab in the Center building. Need more time to complete a project? This is where you will have access to a computer with Adobe Suite until 7pm Mon – Fri. – Located in Library in the Center BldgScavenger_Hunt_9
  10. Judy Gates’ office (She is your advisor for Media Arts). If you haven’t met Judy, she is a very knowledgable about the program you are attending as a Media Arts major. Book a time with her to look into the crystal ball of your future at Lane CC. – Located in Bldg 11Scavenger_Hunt_6
  11. “The Commons” area on the 2nd floor. Meet, converse, hangout and study with your fellow Media Arts Majors here. – Located on second floor of Bldg 17 Scavenger_Hunt_13
  12. The large hall representing many countries in the Student Services Center. Financial Aid, Advisors, and Placement testing are located here. You will see the inside of this room if your are just starting your time here at Lane CC. Located at Bldg 1 Scavenger_Hunt_8
  13. The LCC turkeys are our unofficial mascots! The real Titan. – Located everywhere, as long as you aren’t looking for them.Scavenger_Hunt_12by: Daniel Martinez

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